About Us

Race in the Heartland originated from a group of organizations who responded to a letter that was posted on a local rental agency’s property. The letter contained racial slurs and was made to appear as if the management had wrote it, but in fact was written by a disgruntled white resident. The Human Rights Commission along with various community organizations met to discuss the matter and to determine a course of action moving forward. From this meeting it was decided that we would have a Race Conference, which would include a community forum. Race in The Heartland will cover issues across the state and will include topics on Education, Housing, Criminal Justice, and Work Place. Please check out what Race in The Heartland has to offer: Click Here.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to host a conference in Dubuque, IA that is centered on race and equity, focusing on key topics: housing, education, criminal justice, and the work place. . We seek to create an environment for positive dialogue that will equip those who attend the conference with the skills to feel comfortable being involved in discourse about racial inequality. A first-of-its-kind conference in Dubuque, the goal is to create a lasting impact on all who attend.

Disclaimer: Race in The Heartland and Loras College are focused on upholding human dignity and discussing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion issues free of judgement. While Loras College is a Catholic school, Race in The Heartland is not partial to any one religion. We do not push or support any particular political agenda.  We are all different colors and have different beliefs, so we intend to create a safe environment that fosters participation and learning.