It has been said that the youth are our future. It is because the organizers of Race in The Heartland agree, that we ask the tough questions to ensure we are doing our part in creating a diverse and culturally competent tomorrow.

Some of those questions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Are our textbooks culturally diverse and factual?
  • Are our teachers knowledgeable on culturally diverse content in order to provide substance to lessons?
  • Are teachers catering to the learning styles of ALL of the students within a classroom equitably?
  • Do our students have access to the same learning opportunities, financially?
  • Are opportunities for Equity and Cultural Competence training provide on a consistent basis for all district staff?
  • AND MORE…….

In order for you to view data which inspired some of the topics to be discussed, the following links have been provided for your convenience. 

For Iowa click Here, for Wisconsin click Here, and for Illinois click Here.

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